Monday, December 17, 2007

Her Gift

She was a girl, a uniquely regular girl. At first glance a stranger, male or female, would think, 'that is a beautiful looking person,' and they would be correct. They would even wish that they knew her, that maybe life could be sweet enough to them to allow them to be a part of that girl's life. Many would think that such a beautiful woman would never spend a thought on someone like themselves. I have been that person, and I have never been more wrong.

She is regular because she will take on a new friendship with another person, anyone really. She is unique because she could fit the part of a high profile socialite surrounded by desperate wannabees if she wanted to, yet she remains regular. She remains down to earth, remains a friend to the lowest on the social totem pole. She is unique because she could sit on the highest tier of the same totem pole, but chooses to be blind to it.

She is regular because she hurts. She may be unique because of what causes her to hurt, but she regularly deals with her unique pains. She could be regular and decide that her own problems are sufficient enough for her to have a free pass on worrying about other's pains, but she chooses to be unique and to offer a thousand shoulders to a thousand different heads, while her own is plagued by her own unique struggles.

She is regular because she lives among regulars, she is unique because she is an angel among men .


brie said...

Oh Honey!
I'm at work, and I'm just crying. Someone passed by, and asked me what was wrong, and I told them that nothing was wrong - that I was just so happy and so humbled by the amazing man that is my own. So they read it too, and completely agreed that you are the most amazing guy in the world. Thank you for loving me so much.

Whit said...

I really feel like it was a huge blessing that you guys found each other. You are a truly amazing husband. Brie is always talking about how supportive you are! Thanks for taking such good care of my ddf.

Love Always,


alana said...

i knew brie married a cool guy, but i had no idea how sweet you were too! silly me just assumed that you two coveniently figured out that you both liked playing video games and therefore decided to go get married! haha totally kidding! but really, you are such a great writer as well! very cool. with your and brie's poetic genes combined, i'm expecting cade to write a NYTimes best seller. so you should probably get working on that with him, okay?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you keep trying to make us all bellieve that Brie is the angel in your life and hey, thats true, but truth be told, you are an ANGEL and I have always known it. And cute, too!

belinda said...

this is just beautiful.
i'm sitting here in tears & can hardly type.