Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Purpose of Angels

What better thing could there be

Than to wake next to an angel

To smile and know she chose you

Has Heaven given its treasure

To one so undeserving and afar

Or is this Heaven at your door

You do not need the answer

Only to see her and kiss her cheek

Still part of you cannot rest

Has someone made a mistake

Will they realize this mismatch

Now you know why she is here

To make you enough to deserve her

She makes you enough to follow

When she departs for heaven with you


brie said...

OH HONEY!! I just got sweet, happy little tears in my eyes. You know I love that poem. You rock my world with your amazing-ness. I love you and all your hair! Please keep posting, cuz it was amazing!

alana said...

brandon, thats so sweet! i'm so glad you two have eachother! hooray for happy little families!

KC Elaine said...

I must say this is the most beautiful wedding photo I've seen

brie said...

I want another one. Write me another one!

Brooke said...

You are the sweetest and most thoughtful hubby ever (except John of course)!